Funky short hairstyles

The short hairstyles have made many categories. Now the funky short hairstyles are poplar short hair styles in the western countries. These hair styles are girlish hair styles but many guys and boys also like to have such hair styles. These hair styles depend upon the hair volume and the texture of hair.
Usually the curly and the straight hair are used for these hair styles but the straight hair is best for such hair styles. The thin hair is also perfect for such hair styles. In such hair styles, the front hair of one side is cut long and the back and other hair is cut short. All kinds of face structures are also best for these hair styles.
Funky short hairstyles
The long hair is set on face in such way that the eye becomes hidden under the hair. Further the colors are the main ingredient of these funky short hairstyles. In 2013, these hair styles have got great popularity. The gray, light green and the blue colors are applied on such hair styles. The perms can be made on these hair styles. Perming is also another kind of curling.
Funky short hairstyles
The finger curling can also be applied on these hair styles. It is said that if the girls and boys want to look prominent in the crowd, they should use the funky hair styles. The creativity is the main idea of this hair style. The girls can used their desired dressing in these hair styles. The messy dressing is also liked now a day.
Funky short hairstyles
The Barbie and the fancy pins are used to decorate the funky hair styles. The falling layers of the front hair make the cheek bones prominent. In the same way, the eye looks gorgeous. Sideburns also play a part in making cute and funky hair styles. This kind of front layers creates a long edgy bang. It is said about bang that the bang adds freshness to the hair styles.
Funky short hairstyles
This hair style is best for participating is any kind of party. The rock stars love to use these hair styles.  These hair styles are not fixing for girls but the boys can also use them. There is no feminine touch in these hair styles. So, the hair style in created with this point of view that all sexes can use them equally. The demand of these hair styles are of high degree in 2013. 




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