Long Straight Hairstyles Trend 2011

Long Straight Hairstyles

Long straight hairstyles are so easy to style because they are free flowing and natural styles that are conducive to wearing everyday to work or school, and extremely simple to style; the lady doesn’t need a lot of mousse, hair spray, gels, or other styling products to get a great look. Long straight hairstyles are flattering for several shapes of faces, but most flattering for women with oval-shaped faces.  For women with round faces, a longer length to the hair is recommended so that the face is more elongated appearing more oval than round so the long straight hairstyle would work well for them.  For the square, diamond, heart, and pear-shaped faces, long hair can be worn, but long and straight is not necessarily the most flattering style. source : http://longhairstylescuts.com/




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Long Straight Hairstyles Trend 2011 | Celebrity Hairstyles